Incoming Erasmus students

We are glad to host incoming Erasmus students from our partner universities in Austria, France, Germany, Portugal, and Spain.


For all the administrative procedures, students should refer to the Erasmus and International Home.

For the issues related to learning agreements, the contact person is prof. Damiano Felini.


Some important notes to be carefully read before filling the learning agreement form:

  • the University of Parma prepares prospective out-of-school educators (= social educators) and pre-kindergarten educators (for 0-3 y.o. children). We have not programs for prospective kindergarten or primary school teachers;
  • all courses in the programs in Education, both bachelor and master levels, are taught in Italian;
  • for this reason, we recommend a minimum degree of Italian language skills to attend our courses. We require an official declaration of the Italian language level (which should be at least A2), when Erasmus students send their application. The University of Parma offers foreign students in Parma the possibility to attend a B1 language course, mandatory for those students who are under this level; the course gives 4 ECTS credits and must be inserted into the learning agreement. Without a B1 level, foreign students cannot take the examinations at the end of the semester;
  • the University of Parma offers foreign students the possibility of traineeships in Parma schools, as foreign language assistant teachers. This program is called “Teaching Placement”, and can last for a maximum of 250 hours. For further information, please see the link below or ask the contact person, Mrs. Antonella Cortese.